Move with
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Combine playful and functional movement with mindfulness.

Hannah from B-side Yoga sitting in the Yoga Studio Hello,
I’m Hannah
Hannah from B-side Yoga sitting in the Yoga Studio Hello,
I’m Hannah

Movement and Mindfulness

My practice is rooted in Hatha Yoga, informed by movement science, and inspired by organic shapes. I am interested in the different ways our bodies can move. In my classes I emphasize mobility, sustainability, and playfulness over “perfect” shapes and extreme flexibility.

I look forward to supporting you on your own journey and sharing my joy of movement and mindfulness with you.


  • 550+hrs Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tatjana Mesar
  • Embodied Anatomy 2018 with Diana Thielen
  • Advanced Anatomy and Biomechanics 2019 with Vera Piechulla
  • Movement Confidence & Body Awareness 10/2019 with Olivia Berggren
  • 40 hrs Yoga for Kids and Teens 2021 with Andrea Helten
  • Stress Management – Promotion of Relaxation and Recovery – Hatha Yoga (ZPP)



Hannah balancing on four blocks

Movement-based Yoga

Like a secondary title of a vinyl, B-side Yoga offers additional material that might not always fit into the style of the main track. You will recognise postures and flows, but experience and explore them in a new ways: find wavelike, fluid movements, curves, spirals and organic shapes. As a movement-based practice, B-side yoga goes beyond the shapes of poses and draws inspiration from “non-yoga” movements. Mind less and move more. In other words, to clear your head, and be more in your body. B-side Yoga is a holistic and sustainable practice, because it supports your physical and mental well-being beyond the mat.



I take a functional and individualised approach that encourages authenticity and self-agency. I invite you to move with joy and curiosity and to make your own connection with the practice. My philosophy: you take what you like and leave what you don’t.

Hannah balancing on four blocks

I invite you to make your own connection with the practice.

Mind less, move more

Combine movement exploration with a meditative and mindful practice: sometimes we meet on the mat, sometimes we step off the mat. We always create space and time for you to connect with yourself. B-side Yoga offers group classes, private sessions, as well as office yoga to support you in:

  • finding balance to stressful everyday life
  • increasing mindfulness on and off the mat
  • strengthening your body awareness and ability to concentrate
  • optimally complementing other physical activities (e.g. running, climbing, surfing or strength training)
  • improving agility, strength, coordination and endurance, as well as motor control, balance, stability, and flexibility

Read through the testimonials below to find out what have to say about their experience with B-side Yoga. Come as you are and let’s move together!

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