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Movement-based Yoga & Mindfulness

Movement-based yoga and mindfulness with Hannah from B-side Yoga Berlin Hello,
I’m Hannah
Movement-based yoga and mindfulness with Hannah from B-side Yoga Berlin Hello,
I’m Hannah

Welcome to the B-side!

Movement-based yoga and mindfulness: a playful, exploratory and mindful approach to yoga, cultivating a practice rooted in joy and curiosity.

My training is based in Hatha Yoga, informed by movement science, and inspired organic shapes and individual expression. I am fascinated by the limitless potential of the human body and its capacity for growth and adaptation. My Classes are designed to create a non-judgmental, inclusive space where you can explore your body’s potential, embrace your imperfections, and practice self-acceptance. B-side Yoga prioritises practice over perfection and emphasises the process rather than the end result. I look forward to supporting you on your own journey and sharing my joy of movement and mindfulness with you.

Move with joy and curiosity. B-side Yoga offers a playful approach.

Playful, exploratory, and mindful

Movement Exploration: a playful and exploratory approach to movement. Discover new ways of moving, expressing yourself, and accessing untapped potentials within your body. While you will recognise postures and flows, you will experience and explore them in a new ways.

Creative Sequencing: creatively designed sequences that go beyond linear progressions and explore organic flows and unexpected shapes. Think outside the box, cultivate your creativity, and approach your practice with a sense of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Mindful Embodiment: deepen your awareness of the present moment. B-side Yoga incorporates mindfulness practices, body scans, and somatic awareness techniques to foster a deeper sense of embodiment, self-acceptance, and inner connection.

Self-reliance and Authenticity: embrace your authentic self and trust in your abilities. B-side Yoga invites you to move with joy and curiosity, choose options of movements and postures that serve you best to make your own connection with the practice.

Move with joy and curiosity. B-side Yoga offers a playful approach.

Let's go to the B-side to explore, express, and be fully present.

Mind less, move more

Mind less and quiet the incessant thoughts, judgments, and distractions that often occupy our minds. Shift your focus away from overthinking and surrender to the present moment. Move more to embrace the physicality and embodiment of the practice. Move more freely, explore your body’s capabilities, and express yourself through movement without self-imposed constraints.

Movement-based Yoga and Mindfulness

Movement-based yoga incorporates elements from different movement disciplines such as dance, martial arts, and somatics, and blends them with yoga principles and mindfulness practices to:

  • help you balance your stressful everyday life
  • strengthen your body awareness and ability to concentrate
  • prevent or ease back problems and back pain
  • optimally complement other physical activities
  • explore and expand your mobility and range of motion
  • cultivate joy, curiosity and creativity
  • feel empowered and at home in your own body

Let's connect!

Do you have questions about my classes for adults, children or teenagers? Are you interested in private, corporate courses or team events and workshops? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Just write me a message via the contact form or send me a direct message via Instagram. I look forward to hearing from you!

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